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Welcome to ThreeInOneCo!

Your one-stop hub for all things mind, body, and soul.

I pray our initiative finds you well and blesses you continuously.


My mission is to motivate women from all walks of life to pursue the best version of themselves. All while keeping God first.


I decided to launch ThreeInOneCo started shortly after I gave birth to my second child. While motherhood is infinitely rewarding, I found myself consumed with the stresses and responsibilities it brought along. I knew that in order to be the best mother to two children under the age of two, a lot had to change. From a physical perspective, I needed to be my best self to be actively present in my children’s lives. From a mental and spiritual perspective, I needed to get right with God.


As I dove headfirst into nutrition and exercise, I quickly developed a passion for them and they did wonders for my physical health. I also realized that the more my life revolved around God, the more I saw results in the gym (and in other areas of my life). In fact, the progress that I was making on my fitness journey was only a physical shadow of the progress I was making on my spiritual journey after submitting everything to God.


This confirmed to me that if we submit every aspect of who we are to Him while putting Him first, He will take, form, and improve those same traits in ways we could never imagine…all for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom. What better way to live than under the full submission to the Creator? There’s absolutely no way you can go wrong when you give EVERYTHING to God, even something as seemingly frivolous as your fitness journey. He cares about every aspect of who we are and wishes that we center Him in every area of our lives. 


God used something I was passionate about to inspire my growth and strengthen my relationship with Him. He can certainly do the same for you. As God is Three In One and a part of all of us, let our lives also embody who He is to us in its fullness. 


I pray and hope that as you join me on this journey we can all grow and evolve together while first seeking the kingdom of God. 



Yasmin Indira Offret


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